3 Best Ways To Ramp Up Your Immune System for the Holidays


Your body has a natural defense mechanism against illness, your immune system. Depending on your body, pre-existing conditions, environmental factors and other elements, your immune system may need a little bit of help to keep you protected against the cold, flu or COVID-19 during the fall and winter holidays this year. Here are the best ways you can ramp up your immune system for the holidays.

Getting Enough Sleep

Something that plays a role in how your immune system responds to illness is sleep. If your sleep routine is poor and leaves you tired during the day or irritable, this may also be impacting your immune system’s effectiveness. Design a healthy sleep routine that includes at least eight hours of shut-eye a night. Go to bed around the same time every night and aim to wake up at a consistent hour each morning.

Practice Self Care

Your mental health is also important for a healthy body and a stronger immune system response. The holidays can be a time of extra stress, including financial concerns when buying gifts, anxiety about gatherings and family conflict. Take time out for yourself to practice self care and pampering so you feel calm and stress-free this holiday season. Consider taking vitamins for flu prevention as part of your self care routine.

Preparing For Cold & Flu Season

It’s smart to make a plan to prepare for cold and flu season, especially around the holidays. Check out resources to help you stay healthy, such as Brillia health reviews. More people get together and have parties and family events during this time of the year. With frequent indoor gatherings, there are more chances of getting exposed to viruses and germs and getting sick. Here are three ways to ramp up your immune system so you aren’t as vulnerable.

  1.  Get a Vaccine

The best thing you can do for yourself and your immune system is to get vaccinated. Schedule your yearly flu shot so you can avoid the worst of the flu season and prevent yourself from suffering severe complications. Additionally, make sure you get the full series of vaccines for COVID-19. If your doctor recommends it, schedule your booster to get vaccinated for COVID-19, too. 

  1.  Eat Right

Your diet also makes a difference and can help you fight against illnesses. Stay away from the worst of the unhealthy treats that are common around the holidays or practice moderation. Stick with a diet of wholesome, nutritious foods, such as lean meat, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and healthy snacks. Add remedies, such as homeopathic cough medicine to your pantry.

  1.  Stay Active

Also, keep up with your regular exercise routine during the holidays. Don’t let cold weather, travel or days off of work mess up your workout habits. Take plenty of walks and give yourself opportunities to stretch your cardio fitness with running, biking or cardio dance classes. Add strength training to improve your lean muscle mass.

The holidays are a time of the year where people tend to get sick. Use these immune-boosting strategies to make your health a priority during this season. Improve your eating and exercise plans and pledge to get vaccinated.

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