About Me

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Yes, that’s me. Father of twins. It still shocks me to say it. To say they were a surprise was an understatement. During the scan, the usual silence of the sonographer was disconcerting. We expected the worst – as any parent would – our hearts had pretty much stopped beating. “So which one of you is the twin?” she announced and broke the silence. We looked at each other, very confused. Then she shocked us further by saying she would just check for a third. As she checked for a possible third child, every thought I’d never imagined to have was racing through my head, two? TWO! how can we afford this? how can we fit them in? How can one person manage two babies if I need to go out!? I had no idea. Our story as a family was only just beginning.

I’m passionate about my children, as I know you are too. In a way I never knew I would be until they came along. I wanted to create at3yearsold to convey my passion and help people. It’s a website / blog that I would want to read. It’s not some corporate monster, pumping out soulless articles, its just me and my wife. We both work in the health industry full time, any day we have off from the hospital we spend making this site more helpful for you and enjoying our kids. I hope you find something to help you on this website, I’ve worked hours and hours improving it. I do it because I want to help people enjoy their children and their own lives.

Thanks for reading.