Can 3-year-olds get headaches?

Can 3-Year-Olds Have Headaches?

and how to stop them… Headaches are very common in adults but Can kids have headaches too? Can 3-year-olds get headaches? Three-year-olds can have headaches just like adults. In fact headaches in children are common according to the National Headache Foundation. 40% of children have had a headache by the age of 7 and 5-29% …

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At the dentist

Do 3 Year Olds Cut Teeth?

I once knew a couple whose baby was born with teeth! It’s hard to imagine your little one when they were inside their mummy with little chompers, but it’s true. The time when children’s teeth can cut (or the more scientific name for it is erupt) varies from child to child. The question is, do …

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3 years old and having migraines?

Can a 3 Year Old Have a Migraine?

A pounding headache, sensitivity to light and the immense feeling of nausea. Migraines are more than just a headache, I can tell you from personal experience. Having migraines myself made me worry about passing them onto my girls. I find it difficult to think of my girls going through such a horrible experience. I wanted …

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