22 Adorably Unusual Bedroom Ideas for 3-Year-Old Girls


Your 3-year old girl is growing up. She needs a new bedroom that better reflects who she is and to call her own. I did hours of research, over weeks, scouring the web, went through all my own Pinterest saves, and poured over my Instagram account. These are the most adorable and unusual ideas I could find.

Get rid of the baby stuff. She’s a growing little princess, budding scientist, or athlete and she needs her own little sanctuary. I have gathered together all the inspiration you will need for your 3-year-old girl’s room. Plus a few little surprises!

This list is the very best in bedroom inspiration ideas for a 3-year-old girl. I’ve tried to keep them beautiful, cute, but realistic and affordable (with some exceptions that were too good to leave out!)I hope it inspires you as much as it has given me an overflowing number of ideas for my 3-year-old girls next bedroom design. I can’t wait to get started, so let’s go.

1. Pastel Colors / Floral Prints / Vintage & Playful Touches

The pastel pink and gold and beautiful floral wallpaper give this room a cute and timeless feel. The vintage touches like the rug and bed add to that feeling of timeless style. I love the playful little tipi den made from soft translucent netting. I’d be tempted to add some fairy lights to the tipi to give it a magical feeling at night time. The fairy lights would also be a soothing nightlight for your 3-year-old.

You can see the full room makeover on her blog.

2. Fairytale Themed Bedroom with a Nighttime Feel

I was instantly attracted to this fairytale little girl’s bedroom. I love the dark and calming feel of the handpainted walls. The drawings on the wall aren’t difficult to paint masterpieces. Just simple stars, moon, and balloons. I’m sure I could recreate those myself and replicate that cozy and calming nighttime feel this room gives me.

If you notice the canopy above the bed almost looks a cone-like. Similar to a castle tower. This definitely adds to the princess feel without being too expensive. When they go to bed at night your 3-year-old can wrap the netting around their bed and feel cozy and secure.

3. A Magical Frozen Fairy Waterfall

By combining fairy lights and a net curtain, this parent has created a magical frozen waterfall in their 3-year-old’s bedroom. I love this idea. I thought about using this idea by having curtain rails and net curtains on the wall of the bedroom with fairy lights behind them arranged into the shape of a magical doorway. I think that would look amazing. The soft glow emitted through the curtains would look phenomenal.

When I get around to making my magical fairy doorway, I’ll post a picture up here to show you how it went (feel free to try it yourself and beat me to it!).

4. Adorable Tiny Dress Up Wardrobe

A tiny dress up wardrobe is a cute addition to any little girl’s bedroom. 3-year-old’s love to play dress up and it’s nice to have a little space for play in any girl’s bedroom. This tiny dress up wardrobe is a perfect idea. They sell smaller size wardrobes in IKEA. Alternatively, you could use a small set of shelves. You could buy one in white or paint it yourself in a lovely vibrant or pastel color.

Fill it with all their favorite dress-up clothes and props so your 3-year-old can access it at any time. It will keep them amused for hours. Next time I visit IKEA I’m going to buy one of their small wardrobes for my 3-year-olds and create one for my 3-year-olds. So adorable!

5. Storage is the Key to a Tidy Room

When I design my 3-year-old girls’ bedroom I want it to have handy storage space. 3-year-old’s bedrooms get messy, they need set places to organize all their toys and books. There are plenty of money and space-saving ideas out there to create great storage in your 3-year-old’s room.

Look at the pin above, they have cleverly combined different storage options on one wall. Creating a mess-busting storage center. I’ve tidied my 3-year-olds toys and books into giant boxes in their room for too long. I’d like to show off their favorite books and keep their toys close to hand. I love this idea and will definitely be incorporating it into my children’s bedroom designs form now on.

6. DIY House Frame Floor Bed

Here’s one for the keen DIYers. I love the idea of this bed! It’s beautiful and looks simple and easy to make. Even if you didn’t have the time or skills to make this bed yourself I doubt it would cost too much to have built by a professional. 

I love the aspect of it being a safe floor bed. To stop your little one falling out of a taller bed at night and hurting themselves. The design looks so modern, simple, and beautiful. I would also be tempted to have a cover sewn up to make it look like a playhouse. Then your 3-year-old could use it as a playhouse in the day.

I’m in love with this bed! I just need to find the time to make one now.

7. Beautifully Simple Ombre Draws

I found this tutorial on turning a boring set of draws into a beautiful ombre of different shades. Changing the draw handles is another simple method of adding a little interest and luxury to an otherwise boring chest of draws. 

The best part about their ingenious method of creating the ombre is that you only need two colors of paint. One tin of white chalk paint and one tin of the color you want. You then mix the white chalk paint into the colored paint in different amounts to create the beautiful ombre effect. It’s a simple but genius idea that will save you the time of trying to find matching paint shades and save you the money for the extra paint.

8. Mini Ball Pool

Miniature ball pools are fashionable right now. They are plastered all over Pinterest and Instagram, with every mommy blogger featuring one on their latest pins and posts. I really like the idea of the mini ball pit. It’s a beautiful and playful touch for a girl’s bedroom. I know my 3-year-olds love a good play in the ball pool in our local play center., so one in their house would be a riot.

I am recommending this bedroom toy for your 3-year-old girl with one caveat. Take note of the sizes of the ball pit and make sure it fits comfortably in their bedroom. If it does fit, then a mini ball pool would be a dream addition to most little girls rooms. You can buy a ball pool like one in the photo over at Amazon. The price is reasonable for the amount of fun they will get from it.

9. Washing Line of Cute

SaveBudget friendly, beautiful decor & DIY ideas to create a cozy home and life you’ll love.Published byThe DIY Mommy

I have a line of fairy lights, pinned back and forth, snake-like in my 3-year-old’s bedroom similar to the one in the picture. My wife and I chose our favorite photos of the girls when they were younger and used miniature pegs to attach those photos to the fairy light string. It creates a lovely photo collage on their wall that doubles as a cozy nightlight.

It is a budget-friendly way of creating beautiful but very personal artwork on your 3-year-old girl’s wall. Another idea for using this method that I am going to create is a version with string. Then I will peg on small momentos, like photos, drawings, tickets etc onto the string.

We all keep tiny precious momentos of our children but we don’t always have them on show. This is a low cost and beautiful way of displaying them that still looks stylish.

10. Clean, Modern, and Simple

Not every little girl likes frills and bows. Sometimes you want to give your 3-year-old’s bedroom a feminine touch without all the fuss. I love this example of how a little girl’s room can look cozy yet simple, clean, and tidy. It’s a beautiful modern style 3-year-old’s bedroom to inspire you.

Modern rooms can sometimes look sparse and cold. This room manages to keep a clean look but adds just enough flowing shapes, pastel color, stuffed animals and gold to remind you that this is definitely a little girl’s room. The balance between modern and cozy works. I love it.

11. Create a Reading Nook

Nurturing a love of books in my 3-year-olds is a daily obsession of mine. I want them to adore books int the way that I do. I want them to be excited to read, get comfort from books, and allow books to teach them everything about the world around them. I have been inspired by this image of a beautiful but simple reading nook to create my own.

I will create the reading nook in one corner of their room by hanging a princess style bed net from the ceiling. Then I can fill the nook with cozy and comfy cushions of different sizes. I will need to find a large flat cushion for them to sit on and some fairy lights in the top of the netting so they can read comfortably. Book storage next to the nook would also be ideal. 

12. Slide into a Ball Pool?

Ok, I know this one is a bit wacky, but look at how much fun that would be!? A slide into a ball pool from your bed. What a wonderful way to get out of bed in the morning! I’m not suggesting this is budget-friendly or practical, but I had to include it on this list because it’s so spectacularly cute. 

I don’t think it would be especially hard to create as I can find the bed with a slide and the ball pool available to buy on the web. The issue for some people may be the price. If you have the money, why not make your daughter’s year and make her bedroom into a playpark!

13. Use LED Backlights

Creating a magical glow in your 3-year-old’s bedroom is easy and low cost with this LED backlighting (Amazon link). It can create a variety of colors and moods at the click of a remote. We have one similar in our house. It’s great as a night light with a warm soft glow, but we also use it as a disco light when my 3-year-olds fancy a boogie. It has been one of my best purchases this year.

It’s simple and easy to install and the LED bulbs in the strip last for thousands of hours so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. The backlight effect you can create with this strip means you can make it look like items are magically floating off the wall.

14. A Glow in the Dark Wonderland

When I was young I used to have five glow in the dark stars and a moon on the ceiling of my bedroom. I used to look up at them before drifting off to sleep at night. Their moonlight like glow always comforted me. I never imagined that I could have filled my walls with those stars and created a spectacular nighttime dream world.

I really want to include some beautiful glow-in-the-dark elements into my daughter’s next bedroom redesign. It adds a touch of magic when the lights go out.

If your 3-year-old likes a night light but you are worried that a bright light will disturb their sleep, then some glow-in-the-dark elements in their room should provide them comfort without beaming down on them and disturbing their sleep.

15. Stylish but Rustic Camping Room

If you have a little one who loves the great outdoors, camping, and adventure. This tent style bed cover would be ideal. I love the way they have still kept this rustic idea stylish and pretty. They have achieved this by accenting the rough and ready bed structure with pastel colors and stylish touches of gold and white.

I love the look of the whole room, it looks simple, clean, and stylish. The low bed looks comfy and cozy. I also like the addition of fairy lights along the ridge of the wooden structure. They will work great as a comforting night light.

16. Style is in the Details

You can spend so much time thinking about your grand plans for your 3-year-old girl’s bedroom that sometimes it’s easy to forget the details. Tiny, beautiful, and intricate touches can really bring a whole room together. Decorating the rooms light switches and plug socket plates can add a little magic to a room design. 

It’s a simple and easy method. You can remove the cover plates carefully and then paint them any color you want. I’m thinking a beautiful metallic copper color might suit my girl’s bedroom perfectly. What color will you paint yours?

17. Empty Frames to Show Off Their Masterpieces

I’m guessing your little one is like my 3-year-old. They create enough artwork to fill a small size gallery at least once a week. My fridge is plastered with priceless paintings, doodles, and macaroni masterpieces. Then I found this amazing idea. Why not create a little art gallery in their room? 

Using empty mismatched photo frames, your little one can use tiny pegs to show off their latest artworks. When they get bored of any individual drawing, they can tear it down and insert another one. 

I’d suggest painting the frames in the same or matching colors to add a stylish touch. These empty frames are an easy and safe way that your little one can decorate their own bedroom.

18. What!?

Flying carpet bed held up by hummingbirds? WOW! I’m not suggesting for one second this is a practical tip that you should try but I just had to include it in the list because of its amazing creative design. It’s a dream bedroom for any little girl. I came across it on Pinterest a month ago and my jaw hit the floor. 

While it’s unlikely that you’ll recreate the flying carpet hummingbird bed, I think it’s a great reminder of how imagination and creativity can work in a child’s bedroom. If that were an adults bedroom it would look ridiculous.

19. A Beautiful Cozy Step-up Bed

A step-up bed is a lovely idea for a 3-year-old, the height of the bed gives your child a sense of safety and coziness. If I installed it I would add some kind of safety rail around the edge that I would remove as they got older. I would worry about the openness for a 3-year-old, but that could be easily fixed with the safety rail.

I also really love the desk incorporated at the end of the bed. It’s somewhere they can draw or do crafts when they are young, then when they are older it’s a place they can do their homework.

20. Raised House Sed on Stilts

This bedroom is a prime example of how much space you can make in a small room if you install a raised bed. This enclosed house bed is safe, your child isn’t going to roll out. But rather than making an ugly safety rail, the designer has created a beautiful cabin style front to keep your little one from rolling out.

The real genius of this bed is that it removes a large amount of space a bed takes up in a small room. The lovely little reading nook looks cozy under that bed. I’d replace the sofas with some large floor cushions and nice fairy lights.

21. Arabian Feel Canopy Bed

Another nice idea is a material canopy over their bed like this one. It adds an Arabian feel to an ordinary wall. It works particularly well in an attic room like this one, covering the sloping sidewalls. Having the canopy on one side avoids a closed-in feeling. I would make the fabric more luxurious than the one in the picture. I think it would add a little more style to the room.

A small table and chairs like the one in the foreground would also be a great idea. It would be the perfect place for all those tea parties your 3-year-old has.

22. Little Mermaid Canopy Bed

One for the little mermaids out there! A full mermaid themed canopy bed. I love the colors on this bed and it looks nice and cozy. If you look closely at the image you can see the beautiful details on the steps and draws. The draws provide under bed storage for space-saving in a small room. 

The other lovely thing that you’ll notice about this picture is the beaming smile of the proud little girl this bed belongs too!

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